Schedule Pickup of a Freight Shipment

Hello shipping professionals! Please choose the earliest date and time you think you'll be in the area to pick up this order. Don't worry, we're not asking you for an exact date and time, and you'll have ample opportunity to reschedule if necessary as the date approaches.  We just need to know a general range of days by when we'll need to have the order ready and to be available for questions if you have trouble accessing the pickup location.  Please note all appointment times will be shown in our local time zone no matter where in the country you are booking from, so please choose your appointment time accordingly.

Be sure to enter the mobile number of the person picking up the order for them to receive texts with links to confirm and / or reschedule our time slot.

If none of these times work for your please call or text Rebecca at +1 (415) 799-1190 or email her at