The current Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating not only to the health of vulnerable individuals and to the infrastructure of the healthcare system, but also to many small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

You may know that we are a brick and mortar store in San Francisco, which has shuttered all non-essential businesses in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak.  While we are in total agreement that shuttering our store is the right thing to do, it is going to have a devastating effect on our store and on the antiques dealers that vend here.  

We were planning on making much of our merchandise available online before.  So now we have the perfect opportunity to bring the marvelous array of amazing finds for you to browse through from the comfort of your couch.

As we have not had the kind of time we wish we would have to implement this new facet of our business in a more measured way, please be patient with us as we work out kinks with processing online orders and becoming acclimated to the shipping process.

Additionally, we are unsure if we will be able to ship non-essential goods for much longer.  If we are able to ship merchandise, we would like to urge you as the consumer to use proper precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Once your receive your order, please bring your package inside your house to a location where it will not be touched (or leave it on your porch if it is safe to do so), wash your hands directly afterwards, and leave it there for 72 hours before you open it to ensure that any traces of the virus that may have gotten on the package in transit are dead before you handle it.  

If you have been largely unaffected financially and want to help, you can do one of several things. I’ll be creating an online fundraiser to help me pay my store rent and one for donations to the vendors.  Check back and donate if you can.  Also, as soon as I can get items online for sale, I will be doing so.  Please keep checking back to see if there is anything in our store that you might want.  I’m not asking you to buy things you don’t want or need.  But if you like something, have a use for it (even if it’s only decorative or for simple pleasure of owning it), please purchase it if you are in a position to do so,  One of the best ways you can do your part to help is to spend money with small businesses who you think or know may be struggling to make it through this unprecedented event.  

If you too are in a tough financial position due to the coronavirus, but you still want to help, please like our Facebook page, follow our Instagram account, share our website, and let me know if we can do the same for you.