COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Enter at Your Own Risk

We will not be held responsible if you contract or think you contract COVID-19 while visiting our store.  That said, we will do our best to protect you and our staff.


If you would like to patronize our store, we ask that you wear a mask, and wear it properly.  Ensure that the mask covers both your mouth and nose and that it fits comfortably so that you do not have to keep adjusting it. 

Please also wear your mask if you are on our sidewalk in front of our store.  Being outdoors is not on its own a foolproof safeguard against becoming infected. 

If you are picking up an item that you have purchased and will have to get out of your car to do so, please ensure that you wear a mask once you get out of your car to interact with our staff.

Store Capacity

We will ask that there be no more than 8 people (including our staff) in the store at a time in order to ensure that everyone can maintain adequate and safe distance from one another, and so that potential viral load (if someone who visits our store has it and doesn't realize) remains under a certain threshold.

Be Caution About Touching the Merchandise

While the general consensus among experts is that the virus is not transmitted nearly as much through contact with infected surfaces as it is through aerosolized particles, we still ask you to use caution in touching our merchandise.  Due to the sensitive nature of many antiques and furniture pieces, they will not respond well to the cleaning agents that are known to kill coronovirus effectively.