Freight Pickup Instructions

Thank you for facilitating our freight shipping for us.  We couldn't do what we do without you, so we want to sincerely thank you. Access hours for our freight pick up location is between 6am and 7:45pm. You must have exited the gate of the storage facility by 7:55. Please arrange to pickup between these hours. The item for pickup will be located at:

Budget Self Storage
3445 Collins Ave
Richmond, CA 94806

Click here to bring up the location on google maps

Click here to jump straight into google driving directions

Click here for a map of where our unit / storage locker is within the storage facility.

Click here to see a video we shot that shows you the drive all the way into our unit (coming soon).

For front gate code, storage locker number, and the code to unlock the padlock on our unit, please check emails and text messages you have received from us.

Enter the gate code at the key pad on the left of the gate. Please be sure you are at the correct gate. The gate to the right of the office is not the correct gate. You have to follow the road as it curves around PAST the Budget Self Storage office, it will be on your right.  The road dead ends right into the gate leading into the storage yard.

As you enter in though the gate, veer left.  You'll keep going almost to where the road turns right.  You'll be looking at the rows of shipping containers on your right.  Look for the 2 wide ones near the end.  You'll turn RIGHT AFTER the SECOND wide row of shipping containers.  We are only a few units away from the end, please check our text and / or email communications for the storage locker number. If you need a visual, please click here to see an overhead view of the storage yard and our unit's approximate location within the yard.

At the combination padlock, please enter the padlock code sent to you in our text and email correspondence on the padlock and twist the inner disk with the numbers to unlock.

Your freight shipment will be inside. Please be sure you retrieve all the parts.

Make sure you close and re-lock the unit.  Please be sure to scramble the numbers on the number pad back up.  And please also be sure you have left through the gate by 7:55pm.

To get out, you'll proceed straight down the row you've already turned into.  Then at the end you will turn right.  You'll need to put in the gate code to leave, and the keypad is a bit tricky to find.  As you're looking at the gate driving towards it, there is a long bank of storage lockers on your right.  The keypad will be around the corner on the end of this bank of lockers.  Enter the gate code again, and drive safely!

You can reach me with any questions or updates, or to (potentially) schedule a time outside of the storage yard days and hours.