Our Dealers


Rebecca Vesperas
Owner at The Eclectic Collective
Vintage & Antiques Dealer
Wardrobe and Home Design Stylist

Becky has a background that combines an interest in technology, a Psychology degree, a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, and experience in luxury fashion (specifically art-to-wear) industry into her current role as store owner and vintage dealer at The Eclectic Collective.  In her booth you will find vintage clothing, from the classic 40s through 70s pieces to the more fresh and modern 80s and 90s that a trendier demographic enjoys, vintage kitchen and barware, home decor, Asian antiques, and some classic antique furniture in a wide range of styles that you will absolutely adore.

Carol Tolbert

Designer at Home Stagers
Landscape Designer

With an educational background in graphic design, Carol has experience in a variety of creative pursuits.  From designing holiday store windows for some of the biggest retailers in San Francisco's Union Square shopping district, to dealing in women's luxury fashion, to landscape and home design both freelance and for Home Stagers, she seems to have done it all.  You can always trust Carol to curate a truly marvelous array of goodies for your perusal.  

Della Wilson
Freelance Staging Interior Designer

Della is a truly versatile and talented designer who can do everything under the sun.  From a look straight out of a catalog, to a room straight out of Architectural Digest, her range is truly limitless.  Her collection of vintage and gently used home decor items shows the same amazing range.  Stop by her booth to modernize and spruce up your home today!

Derek Taylor
Antiques Dealer 
Obscure Music and Movie Geek Extraordinaire

Every time Derek is in the store, you can count on him to be playing some of the most amazing music you've never heard of but really wish you had.  He's been bringing you some of the best records, movie and band posters, vintage stereo equipment, vintage books, military memorabilia and general tchotchkes around.  Our clients love the vintage hunt when they come to Derek's booth.

Jaime Guajardo
Antiques Dealer
Vintage Christmas Expert
Crafting Enthusiast

Jaime has an educational background in marketing, but his true passion lies in artfully weathered and worn primitive and vintage industrial finds, crafting, and vintage holidays, with Christmas being his absolute favorite.  Nobody knows vintage Christmas decorations like Jaime.  Year after year Jaime turns our store into a holiday winter wonderland with the pieces he's been scouting all year round.  Stop by this Christmas season and bring home little bits of his holiday magic to your home.  Don't wait until Christmas though, he has a ton of classic vintage finds all year round!

Ken West
Antiques Dealer

Ken has been an avid collector and dealer of all things mid-century modern since before it was cool again.  Clients love his chic and modern sensibilities and classic luxurious taste.  He keeps his booth well-stocked with everything from brutalist jewelry to designer clothing to danish and mid century modern housewares and home furnishings.