Vintage Farmhouse Blue Iron Twin Bed - Main Product Photo -
Vintage Farmhouse Blue Iron Twin Bed - Main Product Photo Thumbnail -
Vintage Farmhouse Blue Iron Twin Bed
Vintage Farmhouse Blue Iron Twin Bed
Vintage Farmhouse Blue Iron Twin Bed

Vintage Farmhouse Blue Iron Twin Bed

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This brightly colored antique blue iron twin bed features all the quirky goodness you're searching for. You'll love how it brings brilliance to your space with its clear color and unusual bedknobs (which we believe was somehow retrofitted with antique glass doorknobs). We can't imagine feeling any more at home than when you will walk in to your room and see this darling and classic antique iron bed.

Space for mattress width (bed): 36.75
Space for mattress depth (bed): 75
Bottom of side rail to ground (bed): 10.85
Width: 36.75
Depth: 77
Height or Length: 40.75

Shipping Width: 74
Shipping Depth: 12
Shipping Height or Length: 40.75

Condition: Wear consistent with age and use, This piece has been modified from it's original form or condition This bed is technically slightly less narrow than a twin bed, but we think it will look just fine with a twin mattress in it and it's deep enough to accomodate one. The mattress will have about an inch of overhang on each side. We believe the bedknobs are retrofitted antique doorknobs of the period. There is a lot of oxidation on this bedframe coming through the paint, particularly on the side rails. We'll leave it to you to have them restored. The headboard and footboard have a much smaller amount of oxidation showing through the paint, enough that it makes a lovely patina. Again, we will leave it to you to restore or not, whichever you prefer. Generally it's a good idea to seal oxidation away from the air somehow. This can be done with a poly clear coat or a wax coating of some kind. A good maintenance product to clean this with often would be pine sol, as it is a wax based product and will continually coat the surface of the bed and help somewhat to protect from more oxidation. However, it is a soft wax and will not be sufficient to completely seal away all the oxidized parts you see on this bed. You'll need to do some work on it first with a more robust coating before you can use a spray on wax cleaner for maintenance.

42 lb

Number of Items in Set: 1
Number of Separate Pieces or Parts: 4

Headboard: 3"L by 36.75"W by 40.75"H, 15.4 lb
Footboard: 3"L by 36.5"W by 36.5"H, 15.4 lb
Side Rails: 74"L by 2"W by 2.6"H, 10.5 lb